Corporate Memory® with AI: Continuous Optimization of Order-to-Cash for Manufacturing

In today’s manufacturing landscape, optimizing the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process is crucial for staying ahead. Mature industries face challenges such as an aging workforce and the loss of tribal knowledge, while revenue cycle leaders grapple with complex order workflows, customer demands, and cross-departmental collaboration. WorkDone’s Corporate Memory® addresses these challenges, revolutionizing O2C management by using AI […]

Mastering the Order-to-Cash Process with

In the current dynamic business environment, the mastery of the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process holds paramount importance. CFOs and COOs face the challenge of accelerating complexities of their Order-to-Cash (O2C) process and how to best institute continuous improvement of customer service. This accelerating complexity stems in part from the near-stoppable US economy and significant increases in […]

Corporate Memory: A Strategic Asset for E-Commerce

In the e-commerce sector, where agility and innovation are king, the loss of institutional knowledge is a silent crisis. With baby boomers retiring at an unprecedented rate, the U.S. is experiencing a massive brain drain. This isn’t just about losing employees; it’s about losing years of accumulated expertise and insights.

PayPal’s Web3 Strategy Needs Corporate Memory

Last week, PayPal announced the launch of a US Dollar stablecoin named PYUSD in a major step to support the web3 ecosystem. If leveraged strategically alongside companies like WorkDone, PayPal is poised to unlock new potential in the digital economy.

Generative AI and Job Displacement: The Role of UBI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been the subject of much debate and speculation. The discourse surrounding AI has been a mixed bag, with some heralding it as the harbinger of a new era of technological advancement while others view it with a sense of trepidation. The question is, where does the truth lie?

AI and Workflow Automation

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses manage their workforce and workflow. With AI, businesses can increase the efficiency and accuracy of daily tasks and automate manual rote processes such as invoice processing, claims processing, onboarding, and case management. They can also improve resource utilization, reduce manual labor costs, and streamline complicated projects with automated proofreading and feedback tools. AI technology can leverage real-time analytics that enable data-driven decisions for better business outcomes.

Corporate Memory Means Never Reinventing the Wheel

Companies like British Petroleum have firsthand experience with the breathtaking cost that comes from “inadequate knowledge sharing” which totaled billions of dollars in subsequent claims for them. In 2010, when their oil rig exploded, it took BP 5 days to notice the leak; pouring almost 900,000 liters of oil into the ocean. After demanding an investigation into the cause of the incident, the US Congress was stunned to learn the answer: an employee with “specialized knowledge” left BP and simply wasn’t replaced. This oversight cost the company approximately $62 billion.

The Future of Work: Salvaging the American Dream

Most people today aren’t aware that the true intention of the American Dream is collective wealth for the country in the form of equality, justice and democracy for all. Today we know the American Dream to be individual pursuit and achievement, primarily through consumerism. The meaning behind the phrase has changed numerous times throughout history, and the current iteration is something the majority of Americans can never achieve.

How to Increase Invoicing Productivity by 60% With WorkDone

Current invoice processing methods for most companies involve a cumbersome, time-intensive process that takes people away from more valuable and productive tasks. WorkDone’s invoice processing system can save over 60% of employees’ time by automating simple and repetitive tasks.