Our industry-optimized solutions deliver significant, measurable and sustainable results. We have deep experience working with SMBs and enterprises across a broad range of industries including:

Wholesale / Retail

Whether advising small retailers, large chain big box stores or any other wholesale or retail business, WorkDone® software effectively identifies automation and process improvement opportunities, allowing retailers to focus more on the customer and less on the supply chain.

Financial Services

Heavily regulated, financial institutions require a tremendous amount of documentation to substantiate transactions, maintain regulatory compliance, and secure an organization’s institutional knowledge. WorkDone® software seamlessly automates transactional paperwork, allowing workers to do a lot more with less effort and increased accuracy.


Manufacturing processes can oftentimes be complex, slow to change and costly to improve, especially when legacy processes are involved. The WorkDone® platform automates tedious processes, while utilizing the latest process improvement technology to enable huge increases in efficiency.​​​​​​​

Manufacturing Spotlight: Canoga Perkins

Canoga Perkins provides innovative products and modern, high capacity and adaptive network connectivity solutions for public and private 4G and 5G. A networking pioneer since 1965, Canoga Perkins is dramatically transforming factory operations through its 5G focus on smart manufacturing for leading service providers, industrial operators, utilities, military, and government agencies.The company is privately held under the Indel Inc. umbrella and headquartered in a modern facility with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Chatsworth, CA.
Process Optimization to Support Market Expansion
Canoga Perkins was fast outgrowing their existing processes, which required highly skilled employees to spend a significant amount of time and talent on rote tasks. Given the company’s commitment to innovation and smart manufacturing, management was ready for a solution that would optimize business operations and ensure future scalability.
A Data-Driven Blueprint for Efficiency and Growth
Our company deployed a data-driven monitor to gain detailed insights into the company’s work processes, including employee efficiency and information handling. After analyzing over 200,000+ workflow activities, we delivered a complete diagnostic which identified multiple hidden pain points and costly bottlenecks. From this 360° operational process assessment, WorkDone® created a strategic roadmap which empowered Canoga Perkins to quickly and easily automate and optimize its operations thereby enabling instant access to critical information in real time.