Corporate Memory

Stop Key Knowledge Loss

WorkDone’s® AI driven Expertise Capture® technology seamlessly preserves your organization’s corporate memory by discerning best practices, retaining key institutional knowledge, and protecting valuable “how-to” expertise as insurance against key employee turnover.

As a living and actionable archive of valuable employee and institutional knowledge, WorkDone’s® Corporate Memory® solutions allow your organization to retain and protect the most vital aspects of its business. Employee and institutional knowledge loss is one of the greatest corporate risks if not the greatest, facing organizations today and its cost is tremendous. Research supports that this type of knowledge loss results in lost organizational memory, inefficiency and ineffectiveness and declining capability.

According to recent data from the Work Institute, the estimated costs of employee turnover ranges from 33% up to 200% of the departing employee’s salary.

In combating this knowledge and revenue loss, the WorkDone® platform helps companies:​​​​​​​


Our customers love our services

“WorkDone’s seamless expertise capture technology has identified multiple high value opportunities to streamline and automate Canoga Perkins’ back-office operations. Our relationship with WorkDone has exceeded our expectations.”

Malik Arshad
President, Canoga Perkins