3 Ways WorkDone’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Can Benefit Your Business

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is applicable to many industry verticals and household items. We use machine learning and AI every day without even realizing it. AI is becoming more widely adopted because of its competitive advantages.

Real-Time Help

Chatbots are increasingly becoming a large part of customer service and online shopping experiences. Bots operate in real-time to send information to customers on their purchases, flight status and everything in between. These bots are efficient and provide people with necessary information, freeing up a customer service agent to assist clients with more urgent and complicated needs. With the holidays coming up, chatbots will be pushing lots of travel notifications out!

Eliminates Wasted Time

Most employees don’t spend 100% of their day performing their primary duties. In the UK, employees spent over 400 million days a year on time-wasting tasks. Across the pond in the US, we’re guilty of spending 45% of our time on primary activities. That means more than half of the time, employers are paying their staff to do things they aren’t really meant to be doing! AI can help eliminate the waste and put people back into the roles they were hired to execute.
In offices, AI can assist with hiring, learning the patterns of turnover, departmental issues, hard to fill positions and much more. This insight is helpful in identifying bottlenecks and streamlining important daily office functions. Speeding up the hiring process is on the top of HR’s priority list in every organization.

Helps Minimize Errors

Many jobs have strict guidelines and protocols to be followed. AI helps narrow the gap of mistakes made by humans. AI can prevent bottlenecks, reduce injuries and shorten the process chain — all saving company money and resources.
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