Mastering the Order-to-Cash Process with

In the current dynamic business environment, the mastery of the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process holds paramount importance.

CFOs and COOs face the challenge of accelerating complexities of their Order-to-Cash (O2C) process and how to best institute continuous improvement of customer service.

This accelerating complexity stems in part from the near-stoppable US economy and significant increases in order volumes and variation, and overall buoyant consumer confidence.

It also arises from the complex interactions of diverse workflows across departments—from sales and order processing to credit authorization and logistics and receivables.

Wrangling with growth and faster overall pace of business worsens with informal or inconsistent procedures—the consequence of varied practices among knowledge workers and the lack of real time observability of orders in process.

Often this leads to the late discovery of quality defects in the form of unhappy customers and aging receivables.

Deciphering O2C Workflow Complexity, a Consulting Automation and Corporate Memory™ company, has emerged as a leading provider of O2C workflow optimization services.

WorkDone’s platform streamlines every aspect of the O2C cycle, enhancing accuracy and increasing real time observability across all of your multi-department workflows.

Our technology taps into your team’s collective expertise. It identifies and codifies quality standards. It also identifies training and performance improvement opportunities.

The artificial intelligence technology of WorkDone enhances every step of the O2C cycle, targeting those areas where accuracy and efficiency play a critical role in speeding up accounts receivables and cash flow.‘s Expertise Capture™ examines all content including every email, document, spreadsheet, scan, and fax within your order-to-cash workflow. It also identifies and codifies best practices throughout your O2C process, establishing a gold standard for consistent, high-quality work with minimal errors. enhances reporting and data management, offering an O2C Vision dashboard for greater visibility into real-time processing efficiency and optimization opportunities.

This management dashboard identifies bottlenecks and policy deviations or infractions by specific employees, date, and time.

Such proactive oversight helps organizations address problems before they escalate into significant business threats and legal risks.

Futureproofing for Efficient Growth and Optimal Scaling

Implementing can put you on a more stable and resilient footing, not just improving current processes, but adapting to change. Beyond efficiency, you gain an operational agility that secures a more competitive edge. We stand by our commitment to elevating your customer experience while increasing cash flow and order margin.

Discover how can transform your Order-to-Cash cycle into a source of agility and competitive advantage through superior customer service.