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WorkDone™ enables organizations to seamlessly automate business processes between major SaaS platforms (SAP, Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.) with no user training or programming required. Our patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture™, uses machine learning to train WorkDone Agents to complete repetitive back office tasks so humans can do higher value work. WorkDone Agents interoperate to create systems of intelligence that preserve the corporate memory so that no institutional knowledge is lost when an employee retires or leaves the company.

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Create Your Digital Workforce / Corporate Memory™

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    WorkDone Overview

    WorkDone Expertise Capture

    Future of Work

    Work Heuristics Management™

    WorkDone’s convergence of machine learning, process mining, business process management, content analytics, and blockchain forms the foundation for Work Heuristics Management™, which is defined as the capture of customer-specific operational best practices for retention, analysis, and repurposing with the goal of retaining institutional knowledge and seamless process automation. At long last, WorkDone completes the transition from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution by bringing to life the promise of AI in the workplace.

    • WorkDone’s patent-pending Expertise Capture technology automates repetitive human-intensive tasks and creates reusable agents that are constantly being improved through learning without programming. This automation can be made available to the public through an open agent marketplace.
    • By linking interoperable agents, WorkDone seamlessly creates systems of intelligence preserving the corporate memory. Consequently, no institutional knowledge is lost when employees leave the company.
    • Agents can also function as testers and trainers to assist workers in completing tasks, freeing human experts up to do more satisfying and higher value work.

    Work Forward Foundation

    WorkDone supports the Work Forward Foundation, whose goal is to help those impacted by AI – such as displaced workers and developers – by facilitating a successful transition to their next areas of vitality.

    • The Work Forward Foundation will fund proven solutions and innovative approaches for empowering automation-displaced workers and preparing the next generation of workers to meet the challenges of our ever-evolving world.
    • Ultimately, the Foundation will become a social incubator which unleashes entrepreneurial creativity from people who may be out of work due to automation. It will support its members to self-generate business proposals, and then help direct which proposals to fund, thereby creating real opportunities for the people who need it most – themselves.

    At WorkDone, we feel it is critical to address the social impact of the AI technology we are creating.


    Through Expertise Capture, a Work Heuristic™ is continuously improved simply by learning from workers as they do their jobs which saves valuable time, money and resources.


    By enabling organizations to preserve corporate memory, institutional and operational knowledge is retained, even when valuable employees retire or leave the company.


    The nonprofit WorkDone Foundation is dedicated to making sure everyone benefits from AI by supporting community generated projects through a funding commitment from WorkDone.

    Core Team

    The WorkDone team is led by seasoned technology experts with decades of experience delivering state-of-the-art enterprise content management and business process management solutions globally with a focus on reengineering processes, increasing productivity, and lowering operating costs.

    Joe Rogers
    Joe RogersFounder & CEO
    Stephanie Bloom
    Stephanie BloomContent
    Gary Busansky
    Gary BusanskyHeuristics
    Gil Cargill
    Gil CargillSales
    Rob Combis
    Rob CombisTechnology
    Andrew Schulman
    Andrew SchulmanCommunity
    Donald Wilcox
    Donald WilcoxEngineering


    Dave Berkus
    Investor, Speaker, Author

    Bhagwan Chowdhry
    ISB & UCLA

    Mimi Grant
    ABL Organization

    Edward Hartman

    Ranga Krishnan

    Frank Monestere

    Kim Shepherd
    Engage 2 Excel

    David Soffa, M.D.
    Senior Executive
    Managed Healthcare


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