$WAGE Token

Empowering the WorkDone Ecosystem

Unlock the Power of $WAGE Token

$WAGE token is the lifeblood of the WorkDone ecosystem, fueling the transformation of work through AI-driven innovation. As a vital utility token, $WAGE plays a central role in facilitating seamless interactions within our platform. Here’s everything you need to know about earning, buying, and using $WAGE tokens.

Earning $WAGE Tokens:

Buying and Selling $WAGE Tokens:

Staking Your WorkDone NFT to Earn $WAGE Tokens:

Your WorkDone NFT is more than a collectible; it holds substantial utility within our ecosystem. By staking your NFT, you can earn $WAGE tokens, the lifeblood of our platform.
How to Stake Your WorkDone NFT:

Access the WorkDone Marketplace:

By holding a WorkDone NFT, you gain exclusive access to our marketplace, where you can explore and engage with AI-powered automation agents known as Wagents.

The Future is Here – Own a WorkDone NFT Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the future of work. Mint your WorkDone NFT and become part of our transformative ecosystem. By staking your NFT, you’ll earn $WAGE tokens and unlock the potential for a new era of productivity and innovation.