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Unleashing the Power of Wagents

WorkDone NFT – Your Ticket to the Future of Work
Drop Date: October 11, 2023

How to Purchase:

The WorkDone NFT is not just another digital collectible; it’s a revolutionary gateway to our AI-powered ecosystem. As an NFT holder, you’ll gain exclusive access to a world where AI and decentralized technologies converge to shape the future of work. Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring and leveraging your WorkDone NFT.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mint Your WorkDone NFT:

Staking Your WorkDone NFT to Earn $WAGE Tokens:

Your WorkDone NFT is more than a collectible; it holds substantial utility within our ecosystem. By staking your NFT, you can earn $WAGE tokens, the lifeblood of our platform.
How to Stake Your WorkDone NFT:

Access the WorkDone Marketplace:

By holding a WorkDone NFT, you gain exclusive access to our marketplace, where you can explore and engage with AI-powered automation agents known as Wagents.

The Future is Here – Own a WorkDone NFT Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the future of work. Mint your WorkDone NFT and become part of our transformative ecosystem. By staking your NFT, you’ll earn $WAGE tokens and unlock the potential for a new era of productivity and innovation.


What are WorkDone NFTs?

WorkDone NFTs are the key to accessing the WorkDone marketplace and ecosystem. By staking WorkDone NFTs, holders earn $WAGE tokens, which can be sold or spent on Wagents within the ecosystem.

How do I earn Wage Tokens?

You can earn Wage Tokens by staking the WorkDone NFT. Once staked, WorkDone NFTs produce the $WAGE token. These tokens can then be sold. The more businesses use Wagents, the greater the demand for the token.

What are Wagents?

Wagents are AI-powered automation agents within the WorkDone ecosystem. They help businesses automate tasks and streamline processes, unlocking new levels of efficiency. Best of all, they never call in sick or take vacations – they work 24/7.

What makes WorkDone so special?

WorkDone empowers businesses to monitor and learn what their employees do. Using WorkDone, companies no longer have to fear losing workers and the job skills they learned. WorkDone learns everything they do so that corporate intelligence stays with the organization.

How does WorkDone compare to other automation tools or services in the market?

​​​​​​​Unlike traditional tools, WorkDone leverages blockchain technology and AI, promoting transparency and efficiency. The use of NFTs and tokens within this ecosystem adds a unique element of user participation and potential upside. WorkDone is the first consumer-backed AI tool ever. This is a brand new ecosystem and format for paying to use AI.