How WorkDone Can Make Purchase Orders Into a Seamless Process

Curious about how WorkDone actually works? Here’s a simple use case.

You work at a medical device manufacturer, and part of your job is processing incoming purchase orders, making sure the buyers are licensed to actually receive your devices, and then passing that along to the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system which lets the factory and inventory teams know what’s coming.

Normally, this requires you to check your email for new purchase orders every morning, pore through the pile of attachments that come with each email, make sure the licenses match up with the buyers, and then manually enter all the info from both the PO and the license into the ERP system. Needless to say, this gets a little tedious.

Tedious, that is, until you sign up with WorkDone, install the WorkDone Monitor, and start the Expertise Capture process. The WorkDone Monitor follows along as you open those emails, sift through the attachments, check the licenses, and copy and paste the relevant data — and after Expertise Capture gets the hang of it, the Monitor lets you know that it’s built a custom WorkDone Agent to handle that process.

WorkDone works at your comfort level. The PO Agent can stage work for you to review before submission — what we call Benchmark Review — or the PO Agent can complete the entire process without your involvement.

The WorkDone Agent Manager and Dashboard

As the Agent keeps learning and you keep tweaking the process to make automation as effective as possible, you can keep track of the increasing productivity gains on the WorkDone Dashboard — and best of all, you can share this Agent with others doing similar tasks across the company. For the more entrepreneurial, their process knowledge can be monetized by making the PO Agent available to the public through the WorkDone Agent marketplace.

Who knows, when you’re hiring out this AI assistant on the WorkDone Marketplace, you might even see an Agent that you know could help the HR department with recruiting, or streamline lead generation for your marketing team. As additional WorkDone SaaS Partners are on-boarded into our ecosystem, our Expertise Capture technology will make it easy to automate any SaaS-to-SaaS process without user training, custom programming or technical knowledge.
Sounds pretty powerful, right? Contact us to learn more about what WorkDone can you for you.