Joe Rogers is the CEO, founder, and fearless leader of WorkDone. As with any founder, he’s wearing almost every hat possible to make sure WorkDone is growing as quickly as possible while assembling an incredible team (whom you’ll meet in future profiles!) to bring it all together.

Joe himself brings a wide breadth of experience to the table — over 20 years of executive leadership in enterprise content and business process management — and he was the one who saw that the emerging technologies of machine learning, content analytics, and cloud BPM were about to intersect at the point where an invention like WorkDone’s expertise capture could become a reality, and change the way that we all work.

While still finishing his CompSci degree at Harvard, Joe got his start in the technology sector through a two day temp job in 1987 at FileNet, the company that pioneered document imaging and workflow. Soon after graduating, he was self-employed as a roving consultant, helping numerous FileNet customers and resellers in over 20 countries over the course of the ’90s.

“It felt like I was parachuting behind enemy lines to make order out of chaos,” Rogers said. “I often wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but the challenge was stimulating and the variety kept me on my toes.”

Rogers went on to create RGB Projects with co-founders Paul Bupp and Dan Grethen in 2005. RGB is a consultancy specializing in IBM Enterprise Content Management and Advanced Case Management technology solutions servicing multinational banks, insurance and manufacturing companies as well as governmental agencies.

That depth and breadth of experience — the bird’s-eye view of how dozens of different businesses tackle their work processes, and the day-to-day “rubber meets the road” experience that comes from getting successful companies off the ground — put Joe in the perfect position to found WorkDone in late 2017. Rogers has spent a career figuring out how to optimize complex workflows to save employees and employers precious hours. Once he realized that machine learning could be used to seamlessly automate those same processes, he was off to the races.

Given WorkDone’s potential for changing the way that people get work done across our economy on a massive scale, Rogers also realized that he couldn’t unleash such disruptive technology without thinking of the workers who would be displaced in the process. Which is why he simultaneously founded the WorkDone Foundation to help workers thrive in the future they create.

“People thought forming WorkDone as a benefit corp was a weird idea, but if we’re smart enough to create the technical innovation then we’re smart enough to address the results of that innovation. Global economies need holistic thinking. Pragmatically speaking, if people don’t have jobs they can’t buy products or services. And ethically speaking, I feel it’s the right thing to do.”

WorkDone, “AI With A Conscience”, enables organizations to seamlessly automate business processes between major SaaS platforms (Sage Intacct, Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.) with zero friction — no user training or programming required. Their patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture, uses machine learning to train WorkDone Agents to complete repetitive back-office tasks so humans can do higher-value work. WorkDone Agents interoperate to create systems of intelligence that preserve the corporate memory so that no institutional knowledge is lost when an employee retires or leaves the company.

Rogers invites everyone to learn more about the WorkDone revolution.